Your donations are all directed to help pay for veterinary care, medicine, cat food, litter, housing for the cats, transportation, and related supplies for animals in British Columbia, Canada. It also helps us to continue to offer food and support for stray cats living in our BC feral communities. Your donation is making it possible for us to continue to run Pawprints Animal Rescue Foundations spay/neuter programs and offer free or low cost spaying and neutering to BC families in need.

The funds you so kindly donate will help us continue to rescue animals in British Columbia, and maintain the quality of life for all cats and kittens that we help through our 100 % volunteer run programs in BC.

Please consider a generous donation today to help us save, support and create safe forever homes for stray and feral cats and kittens.

There are many ways to financially support Pawprints Animal Rescue please choose from the various options below to show your financial support


Other Donation Options

Financial donations to Pawprints Animal Rescue Foundation go directly towards supporting all of our 100 % volunteer run programs and benefits feral and street cats and kittens in British Columbia, Canada.
Your generous support helps us pay Vet bills, purchase food, transport animals, and other needful items for these BC cats, and kittens.

The cats and kittens desperately need your help, please consider donating today.

Donate directly to Pawprints Animal Rescue Foundation via e-transfer.

This is the most cost efficient way of donating to Pawprints, with 100% of the funds going directly to help support the needs of the animals without any fees charged for using outside sites.

We encourage you to donate directly to Pawprints to ensure that the full amount of your donation is received by us.

It's easy, safe and secure to send an e-transfer.

Prefer to send a cheque? 

Our mailing address is PO Box 515, Chase, BC, V0E 1M0

Interested in supporting Pawprints with a regular monthly donation?

Please email us for more details.